Nick Payne with one of his paintings, Stromanthe sanquinea.



 Nick Payne's early artistic ability was developed by William Arthur Phillips, a gifted artist and teacher.  After graduating from the University of Washington, Nick spent two years in Belfast, Northern Ireland working for a voluntary service organization. On returning to the USA, he taught in a rural public school in northeastern Washington. Twenty years later, he moved to western Washington where he was employed in Bellingham and Ferndale as an elementary school principal. Throughout most of his career in education, Nick’s parallel career was painting as a professional artist. Currently, he paints and frames his art at Birdseye Art Studio. 

Why Fine Art Completes Your Home.

A basic principle of interior design is that artwork provides a focal point for each room, adding color, interest, and mood. In buying art, choose a piece you love and one that you can live with every day.  Your choice will look its best if it fits the space - not too big nor too small.